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Our Story is visible in our logo, The Pineapple has long been represented

as a symbol of Welcome & Hospitality, You may notice in our Logo the Come Home is emphasized and Realty is there but not prominent. I wanted a brand that represented what I feel is needed in the Real Estate industry, and that is to make our clients know they are not a mear business transaction.


My official Real Estate career started in 2002, even though I really feel like I have been involved with Real Estate most of my life. My own mother was a Realtor® when I was young. This was way before the internet, cell phones or GPS. I can remember pasting a single photograph on a sheet of paper that had a short description of the house, and this was a home flyer. Eagerly awaiting the new MLS books that were like huge catalogues with very limited info on the homes and maybe a B&W picture of the home, that was the Houston housing market in the dark ages. Lol!

Fast Forward and Life has a way of happening, faster than we like to admit. I found myself in a job with a local Oil related Company. It was a good job, I had worked my way up to a Sr. Buyer position but still felt a longing for something else. It was around that time when my husband and I decided to sell our starter home. We worked for a month or more preparing our home painting, cleaning, decluttering. I can still remember what happened, I searched online and located what I thought would be a good agent, with a prominent company. I called and set up an appointment for a listing, we were excited to start our new journey. The appointment time came and went... I called her office and she gave me an “Oh so Sorry, I got busy, I’ll be there in an hour.... we waited... still no agent, so at that point I had my husband drive down to a few streets over and get the number of the agent that had posted a SOLD sign on his listing that just went up for sale. WhaLa! This agent shows up within the hour ready to help us!

Awesome right? Well, what started out great did not end up as wonderful. With this agent we did sell our home, and bought another. Then within a year my husband decided he wanted to move to the house directly across the street from us. (Don’t ask, it’s another whole story there) We call our Agent and he happily lists our home and facilitates the deal on the other one. By this time I was catching on to his game plan. When I would call ready for a deal he was Johnny on the spot. However once we were under a Listing agreement or Sale Contract he was not able to answer his phone for me. (And he carried two phones back then!) Short take away is this; we got taken advantage of on that last sale, our agent ended up pressuring us to sign a deal with buyers he had. The contract was slanted way in the buyers favor which was not explained and we did not find out till closing. Leaving us with about 7 thousand less than we had planned. The agent and my husband ended up in the parking lot of the Title Co. nose to nose in a heated argument.

It was shortly after this that I decided to take the classes to get my Real Estate license. I told my husband that if those kind of agents could make a living out there not even making the effort for basic client care; then I knew I could do a great job by creating a business around Extraordinary Awesome Customer Care. My formula worked, my first year I started by knocking on all the doors in my neighborhood, introducing myself and letting my neighbors know I was there to help them. It may sound too simple, but it truly is simple. People just want to be treated fairly, throw in kindness and authentic empathy and clients turn into friends. I am so blessed to be on my path and able to represent my own Brand with enthusiasm. I am so proud of the principles Come Home Realty stands for.

Our Tag Line ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ needs no explanation.

Our Mantra ‘We Rise by Lifting Others’, is something we can all live by.

At Come Home Realty, it’s really about you and the community we live in. We sincerely believe Everyone deserves a Home, and we back our belief by putting our Mantra into action. Come Home Realty is committed to Paying It Forward by donating a portion off our earned commissions also serving with our time and talents to Habitat for Humanity in the Bay Area.

We are So Proud and So Blessed to have this opportunity to serve you and to pass that opportunity on to others.



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