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Glimpse Life Under the Sea on Galveston Real Estate

by comehomerealty-chime-meJune 26, 2019

Galveston real estate is not short on adventure at Moody Gardens. Delve into the   ocean and explore the lay of the land underneath the waves in the Aquarium  Pyramid. Creatures from the sea make their Galveston home here. State of the art exhibits focus on education and conversation gently reminding visitors that we   can all do our part for the well being of Mother Earth.

In the Aquarium Pyramid the oceans flowing around the globe are well represented. Aquatic animals thrive in their exhibits and bring the unique versatility found under the waves to the surface. While wandering this piece of Galveston real estate guests can imagine themselves traveling the world. Honoring the relationship of modernity and the environment the Gulf of Mexico Rig exhibits showcases two-stories of marine wildlife. Aquariums here are expertly displayed in a oil platform setting. Watching jellyfish swirl and float about can be mesmerizing. Hypnotizing experiences are the norm in the Jellyfish Gallery. Everyone loves these little creatures! The beauty found on the shoreline of the Northwest Gulf of Mexico is honored in the Flower Garden Banks display. Hands get wet in touch tanks found in the Mangrove Lagoon. Fingers are tickled by invertebrates and little fishes. A second tank houses Bonnet-head Sharks and Cow-nose Stingrays.

Penguins Waddle and Play in their Galveston Home

Two species of penguins waddle and frolic with one another in the South Atlantic Penguin Habitat and the newer Humboldt Penguin Habitat boasting both cold and warm climate birds. Fans of the black and white cuties can actually meet them up close with a private animal encounter. The experts share their knowledge with aquarium visitors. Divers interact answering questions while they are immersed in giant tank aquariums. Inquiring minds want to know and the answers are given by staff in the Conservation Lab. Colorful characters have frequented Galveston real estate throughout history. The Aquarium Pyramid honors illustrious pirate Jean Lafitte in the Pirate Shipwreck at the Caribbean Exhibit. This space is filled with a replica of the buccaneer’s own 19th Century rum-runner.

The Aquarium Pyramid is open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Come explore an underwater wonderland.

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