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Glamping in Galveston Island State Park

by comehomerealty-chime-me June 26, 2019

Galveston Island State ParkCamping at the Beach For a Quick Get Away

Some of my most beloved memories as a young child. are the many family camping trips we used to take.  I never thought of it as a let down that boys at Galveston Beachwe were not in a hotel with a pool, it was so much better.  We did not need a pool we would have a River or Lake or The Beach at our front door.

Camping memories

At least a week ahead of time mom would start loading a large wooden box with dry goods, pots, pans and dishes, soap, towels, medicine and whatever else she could conceive that we may need/want for our adventure.  The night before our trip dad would pack the car with the musty old green tent, cots, blankets and all our gear.  Usually complaining mom had packed too much and it wasn’t going to fit, but in the wee hours of the morning we would wake up, pile in (literally, I was sometimes on top of some of the gear) and head off to our camping adventure.  Thats right, no fancy RV or pull behind camper for us, my parents told my brother and I that camping in a tent was ‘real camping’ but I still longed to at least have the convenience of a close and indoor facility.

Texas State Parks

Admittedly many of these camping adventures were to a favorite TX camping destination, Garner State Park, Garner was a must Garner State Parkat least once a Summer we had to tube the Rio Frio River.  However, we also got to visit and see lots of other camp grounds, almost always a State or National Park, and  mostly always in Texas. I remember dad getting a hot rock out of the fire-pit and wrapping it in a towel so my mom could keep her feet warm at night when camping in The Davis Mountains State Park,  canoeing at Inks Lake State Park, hiking the beautiful canyon at Palo Duro State Park and horse back riding at Big Bend Ranch State Park.

We may not have had the RV or pull behind camper and I never thought of camping as not a ‘real’ vacation, on the contrary those were the vacations I remember the most.  Being outdoors with the family, exploring, hiking, fishing, cooking outside, swimming, boating, listening to the Ranger talks learning about the areas and animals and gaining a respect for my environment and deepening my love of Texas.

Galveston Island State Park

Galveston Island State Park did not open until 1975 and took a few years to really catch on,  so it was not a destination when I was a young, (Im starting to give away my age here).  However it did become a favorite destination of my parents once my brotherGalveston Island and I were away from home and they purchased a pull behind 30′ Airstream camper.  (funny how the definition of camping changed when I left home)  My parents also instilled the love of camping in my children at a young age, but it was in the camper so they did not get the full experience in my book.

So if your considering a StayCay this year, maybe up your game a bit to a Stay-Close-Cay and get back to nature with your family at Galveston Island State Park. Galveston Beach Rent a camper or do it the old fashioned way in a tent there are also cabins for rent, it’s much less expensive than renting a beach house and you have the Beach at your front door! You can Fish, Swim, the kids may like to try Geochaching, or becoming a Jr. Ranger.  The park is close enough to make quick runs into Galveston for shopping or dining, and other entertainment like Moody Gardens.  Galveston Island State Park is also a TX Aquatic Science Certified Field Site.

Summer is looming in the horizon, we are startingGalveston Beach to have some fantastic weather already this year.  So you may want to consider camping at Galveston Island State Park, for a quick, inexpensive, and close get away. Camping is a place to relax, disconnect from your daily disruptions and reconnect to family and your surroundings.  Make some lasting memories, its all there waiting for you at Galveston Island State park.

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