Rhonda Trevino

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Come Home Realty

326 Miller Avenue Kemah, TX 77565

I have been doing Real Estate since 2002, wait, let me back up…my interest in Real Estate started before all the HGTV shows and before there were even home computers!! (I’m dating myself here)

When I was a little girl my mother was a Realtor in the Houston area. Back then there were no home computers and no GPS. This was when HAR (Houston Area Realtors association) would print out these large books about 3 or 4 inches thick every quarter. The books would have, maybe, one black and white photo of the home and an ever so brief description. That along with just driving the streets is how agents found possible homes to show their buyers. When mom had a listing; she would take a photo of the outside and go to the store to have it developed in multiple copies. I would help her tape or glue the picture to a piece of paper that she had typed up a brief description and that was the home flyer. When she showed homes; she had to get out the KEY maps and manually map her course out.

FAST FORWARD; Mom passed away, all too soon, in the late 90’s. At the time I had a successful career with a local aerospace company, but it was not anything that was a passion for me. Mom’s passing made me take a hard look at my life and ask myself those probing questions as to what did I want, where was I going in my career, was I happy with the life I was living. I made a choice to change, I started taking the RE classes at night after my full time job was over for the day. I got my license and in 2002 I took a big leap of faith and quit my successful career for the unknown. Armed with only the faith my husband and I had in myself. I have never looked back, even though the RE market goes up and down. I have stayed a full time Realtor through it all. I began with a big name syndicated company, then again stepped out on my own. In 2007 I got my own Brokers license and started Texas Bay Homes, with agents joining me around Houston, I have rebranded to Come Home Realty which has taken off in a huge way.

My only regret about my RE career is that my mother never got to know me as a Realtor. I would have so loved to show her all the new developments and how automated things are now. This is an ever changing career that challenges anyone that does their job correctly. I spend hours each week listening to classes online as I work to keep up to date, so I can give my clients the best experience ever.

I still get a thrill selling a home to a first time buyer and seeing the joy in their face. That’s when I affirm once again to myself, this was the right path for me.